The Bridal Shop Experience…

We like our bridal dress shop… but we don’t want it to just be about a posh sounding name and pretty logo.
Unveiled by Leanne offers an unrivalled experience in bridal shopping. We’re continuously improving the way we do things. Our wedding dress collections are amongst the best in the industry, our price tags are fair and our shop lends itself to a thorough yet relaxed environment to enjoy.
With spacious changing rooms, comfy sofas and even the Unveiled Photostudio (read more about that below), there’s no hard sell.
Take your time and make yourself at home.

The Unveiled Photostudio.

Most bridal shops are extremely uncomfortable with customers taking pictures of the dresses you try on. They fear you may take the pictures away and seek out a similar dress (or a close match) and then be beaten on price.
We’re different; The expertise and support you receive from us, coupled with our renowned “fair” pricing policy means brides inevitably choose Unveiled By Leanne.

The Unveiled Photostudio is always available, where we’ll take your picture when you’re trying on the dresses. Your bridesmaids can do the same.
We then sit down and give you your own little screening of your choices. This way you can properly consider how you’ll look on the day. There’s no pressure, there’s a complete explanation of any addtional alteration costs and there’s a multitude of price plans to help you manage your budget.
Every reasonable step to take the stress out of your dress purchase is employed by us here at Unveiled By Leanne.
Come and enjoy your experience!

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